VIP Network Events Presents "Singles Sundays Taster Event"

VIP Network Events Presents 13 Aug 2015

Singles Sundays Dubai will be hosting Speed Introductions & Padlock and Key Parties as well as other singles events around Dubai. This unique taster event will give you and your friends an ideal opportunity to try out both events in one evening and decide which or whether both events are suitable for you and which ones you'd like to attend in the future!

Its going to be held in the stunning lounge bar on the 50th floor of the Radisson Royal with the well reknowned Roberto Rellas' new venue "Tre". With a beautiful lounge and stunning views the ambience is there for you to enjoy and try out both activities. The events will be relaxed and fun and less regimented than usual... just come... enjoy.... and... experience as well as meet single people like you!

Every participating guest will be given a Padlock or Key on arrival and an opportunity to participate at the Speed Introductions (first come first served)

Padlock and Key Party

Mingling Event; Ladies are given a padlock, gentleman a set of keys. The idea is to match up the padlocks and keys!!! It's a great ice-breaker and opportunity to meet lots of people, great for networking and having a chat!

Speed Introductions

Seated Event; The taster event will host an informal Speed Introductions element, there will be two Speed Introductions events hosted where you are welcome to come and participate, held at 7.30pm & 8.30pm. Ladies will be seated with a gentleman opposite them, they have 3 minutes to have a chat and then the gentleman moves along to the next lady. Great for meeting people in a more "structured" manner!

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