Let’s Misbehave with Cirque le Soir this Valentine’s Day

Let’s Misbehave with Cirque le Soir this Valentine’s Day 27 Jan 2015
Dubai, 27 January 2015: This February, Cirque le Soir, the region’s most notoriously scandalous venue, presents a full production of its deepest darkest fantasies for Valentine’s Day. A night where imaginations are free to run wild and expectations are pushed to the limit, who said romance was dead?
The consistently shocking, Cirque le Soir unveils a collection of weird and wonderful surprises with an unspeakable yet intriguing mix set to fulfil guests wildest dreams taking place on Friday 13thFebruary. A range of sensory experiences to ensure every partygoer’s enjoyment is catered to include a selection of themed rooms; a chocolate play show, padded room; to fully indecent décor as well as extremely misbehaved performers. Clubbers should not be surprised when this mesmerizing venue is filled with intrigue, naughtiness and allure, as well as blown up items, furry excitement, classic leather and much more. Monitoring the level of shock and oar, this night will see a strict no photography policy, establishing what happens in Cirque, stays in Cirque.
Ensuring the party never stops, Cirque le Soir’s fans will leave the venue with a ‘special’ gift from the night, making this Valentine’s Day an evening not to be forgotten.

If you don’t know, don’t worry…

For Reservations:
Tel: +971509955400

Opening Hours:
Mon - Tue: 10:30 pm - 3:00 am
Thu - Fri: 10:30 pm - 3:00 am

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