A Bubbalicious Brunch!

11 May 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Friday means one thing in Dubai; Brunch O’Clock!

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to check out the greatly talked about Bubbalicious Brunch at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyai Beach Resort & Marina. It says it all in the name, free flowing bubbles for the duration of the brunch.

There are three packages available based on your preference. So, for all of you non- drinkers or those who don’t particularly like champagne; no need to panic there is a package that suits everyone!

I was in awe as soon as I was seated. I instantly fell in love with the Portobello Road counter, which was outside serving Pimms. It was like my home away from home (with better weather of course!) Bubbalicious serve cuisine from all around the world, and the design of each counter correlates to the countries specialities; making it very easy to identify before even seeing what’s on the menu. My favourite dish had to be the butter chicken! It was infused with incredible flavours, was very fresh and is by far the best curry I’ve tried at a brunch. I can’t forget to mention my favourite drink of the day; and believe it or not it wasn’t champagne! It was the the watermelon cocktail which was served in a real watermelon! If you haven’t tried it yet; you NEED to get involved! It was the perfect refreshment; especially as I was sat outside!

This brunch is extremely fun and totally out of the ordinary. I say this because my guest and myself were distracted for a good 20 minutes, exploring their Science Lab. We were given lab coats and injected each other with shots of cocktails; which is definitely not something you do everyday!
Despite being regarded as one of the more high end, pricey brunches in Dubai; Bubbalicious is worth every Dirham! I highly recommend coming here for a special occasion such as a birthday celebration as its so much fun. Congratulations Bubbalicious, you are officially Dubai Night Planners’ FAVOURITE BRUNCH :)

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