Dubai Night Planner Dines at Boardwalk!

25 May 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

I love nothing more than to spend my Saturday's unwinding, catching up over good food and be in a serene environment after such a hectic week! I knew that Boardwalk was definitely going to provide me with this as soon as I set foot in the venue. 

We were lead through the fresh-looking restaurant and seated in the incredible terrace area which overlooks the Creek. Now, despite the weather heating up I was very comfortable outside and the staff ensured we had a fan by our table. Also, being above the water made it a lot cooler than other terraces I visited throughout the week as there was a pleasant light breeze. 

Good customer service makes a dining experience exceptional and I can honestly say that's what I received at Boardwalk. Every member of staff who interacted with me was polite, attentive and welcoming. I didn't even have to ask about the menu, as we were given a full run through and given recommendations.

We were given a selection of Mediterranean starters and mains; my favorite being the Seabass served with a vegetable medley. The presentation was brilliant and I wholeheartedly recommend this for a sharing option as it was a very generous serving! The infusion of flavours combined with the tenderness of the fish gave a 'melt in the mouth' effect and was simply divine. 

This restaurant is the perfect place for a date night and is ideal if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai! Thank you for having me, I shall be back very soon :)  

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