A Business Lunch with a Persian twist

22 Jul 2014
An amazing hidden gem, in the form of a Persian restaurant can be found at the Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana. 

I know as I've been lucky enough to dine there for their Business Lunch!

I absolutely love the venue. The design is modern and fresh but still has the traditional feel once you are seated. The revolving table makes the 'sharing' experience so much more easier and convenient in comparison to passing plates back and forth. 

I was spoken through each dish, the history behind it and told how it's made. To me, good customer service makes the dining experience exceptional and I can honestly say that's what I received at Shayan. Every member of staff who interacted with me was polite, attentive and friendly. When asked about the dishes, I could tell the waiters knew the menu like the back of their hand, and even gave me their recommendations. This is something that is very reassuring when trying a cuisine for the first time. 

I noticed I took a great liking to anything that contained egg plant! The dishes were all incredibly delicious and very flavorsome. 

The Business Lunch costs 69 AED; which I feel is brilliant value for money

For more info check out: http://roho.it/qsrsh 

It was a very cultural first Persian experience and I will definitely be back :)Thank you for having me Shayan!

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