Dubai Night Planner takes a culinary class!

15 May 2014
By Stephanie Kaur 

Situated in JLT, Scafa Culinary School is the perfect place to polish up your cooking skills! 

I was invited down with a guest to experience the Asian Tapas ‘Class for Two’. This entails actually cooking the food whilst being guided by a top chef. 

Believe it or not, I successfully managed to cook Chinese Stuffed Spring Rolls, Katey Baingan, Indian Kebab,  and Prawn and Veggie Tempura WITHOUT setting the kitchen alight haha. To top the experience, you not only prepare and cook the food from scratch; you get to eat it at the end! 

I found this was a very fun, engaging, educational experience; and I would definitely recommend this for people looking to try something new in Dubai. The classes run from 6.45pm- 9.30pm, so its conveniently timed after office hours!

Why not make a change from cooking dinner at home and pop down with guest to Scafa and be taught by a pro! 

If you don't fancy cooking but love to try new dishes, don't panic. Scafa is also a restaurant which is run by the students studying at the culinary school. They don't just prepare the food but they also create the menu! I dined there for lunch, and honestly the food is brilliant! Reasonably priced, varied menu and most importantly great tasting food.

Thank you Scafa for having us, we will certainly be back.

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