Dubai Night Planner checked out the new Brunch @ Mint Leaf of London Dubai!

08 Sep 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Mint Leaf of London Dubai is set in the perfect place to soak up the iconic views of the Burj Khalifa whilst indulging in a beautiful brunch. After such a hectic week I wanted nothing more than to have good food in a relaxed yet classy environment; so the location was the first thing that sold it to me.  

I was in awe when walking into the venue. The interior gives you a very clean cut, modern Indian feel; that, combined with the incredible scents of spices and fresh bread instantly indicates the cuisine served here.In the midst of this, I was pleasantly greeted by the friendly hostess upon arrival. She gave us a tour of the venue, explaining that one side which overlooks Sheikh Zayed Road is the restaurant and the other side which overlooks the Burj is the bar/lounge area. The breath-taking view is definitely a touch to visiting this venue. I believe that alone is a hit with the clientele.  

Whilst skimming the Brunch Menu I was delighted to see the variety of dishes! It definitely caters for everyone, as the starters and the mains had a vegetarian option as well as a choice between lamb,chicken or fish for those lovers of meat. In my opinion, everything that I tried was cooked to perfection. The dishes were well seasoned and very well presented. Also, the fish that was used as one of the starters was seriously mind-blowing. I have never tasted anything like it. Tender and lightly spiced, it simply melted in my mouth. Compliments to the chef! This needs to be a main dish!!! 

Good customer service can make a dining experience exceptional and I can honestly say that's what I received at Mint Leaf. Every member of staff who interacted with me was polite, attentive and welcoming. They gave their recommendations from the set brunch menu; once learning what each of us likes and dislikes. 

I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Mint Leaf of London Dubai, especially if you appreciate good food and want to brunch in a beautiful setting. At a reasonable price of 325+ AED you'd be crazy not to check it out!! 

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