Entertainment in Dubai: It's wet! It's wild! It's Wild Wadi!

It's wet! It's wild! It's Wild Wadi!

Open sesame! awesome enjoyment, eagle-eyed lifeguards, themed around the adventures of Sinbad, Flood River Flyer, splashy attractions, Summit Surge, diving down, twists and turns, adrenalin rush, Master Blasters, Flow Riders, packed with action, go on I dare you, thrills and spills, high-powered jets, aquatic roller coaster, gravity-defying, Rushdown Ravine, white-knuckle rides, Tunnel of Doom, expect the unexpected, plunge into the Lazy River, lie back and relax at 80kph, thunder & lightning, choreographed flash flood…

12 acres of liquid fun
420 highly trained lifeguards
30 adrenalin pumping rides & attractions
Themed around the legend of Juha & Sinbad
Dubai Quality Award – Gold accreditation status
Cashless payment
Sun and water safety programme
40,000 plants
5 child friendly restaurants
Souvenir shop
Corporate events, incentives & School outings

For more information or to make a booking please visit www.jumeirah.com